Finding Shelter Animal Rescue is proud to work with companion animals every day. But while we are only able to rescue some species, that does not mean we do not care about all. Each and every human and animal life has value and meaning. As an organization, any event or fundraiser that involves food served to humans and is directly organized or hosted by Finding Shelter Animal Rescue will be vegan. We respect the lives of all animals and wish to make a positive impact by not harming some species to benefit others.

We understand that there are many wonderful people, organizations and corporations who wish to help Finding Shelter Animal Rescue by organizing independent fundraisers to benefit our animals. We cannot require that they make their events vegan, but we do hope that they will consider it, and we strongly encourage them to do so or to at least have vegan options to encourage kindness to all animals. Want to hold a vegan event or fundraiser for Finding Shelter? We are happy to give you ideas and help to make it a compassionate success!


All the beautiful sentiments in the world weigh less than a single lovely action.

~ James Russell Lowell