Project Description

Breed: Cocker Spaniel Mix
Gender: Male
Approximate DOB: 12/26/2017
Weight (Potential):  15 (25)
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Cost to adopt: $300

Rocky is a sweet and VERY high energy puppy who loves to play. He needs full training and someone with a flexible schedule to help him become crate trained and housetrained. Home with another dog and a very secure, physical fence attached to the house is required. Rocky sheds!

Rocky is a sweet and VERY playful puppy!

Rocky has no known health issues!

Rocky is great with other dogs! It is required that he be adopted into a home with another playful dog.

He hasn’t been around any cats while with Finding Shelter, so we’re not yet sure how he’d react.

Rocky is good with children.

A secure physical fence attached to the home and another playful dog in the home is required.

Rocky will require basic obedience training. He is just a puppy and is still working on his crate training and house breaking.*

*All dogs will go through a transition period after finding a new home and may need a “refresher course” in house-breaking.