Breed: Chihuahua
Gender: Female
Approximate DOB: 5/19/2018
Size: Small
Weight (Potential): 5 (5)
Color: White and Black
Health: Allergies, On prescription food for skin allergies and chronic GI upset
Shedding: Moderate
Grooming Needs: Moderate
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: No
Good with Children: No
Appropriate for city living: No
Cost to adopt: $300

A secure, physical fence is required. Adopters must live within 30 miles of King of Prussia, PA.

Princess Diana might look dainty and delicate but she is an energetic ball of fluff with TONS of personality! This high energy little lady loves to wrestle, run, climb and jump. She is afraid of big dogs and is quite the escape artist, so she is looking for a forever home with a tall, solid fence that is secured close to the ground and another very energetic dog playmate who is around the same size. Diana does very well in her foster home with her sister Meghan and mom Jenny who have the same fencing needs as being fence climbers and diggers runs in the family! Diana also inherited some skin and GI allergies, so will need to stay on a prescription diet. She REALLY loves food. In fact, she loves it so much that she protects it too intensely so cannot be fed around other animals and never wants a human to reach into her bowl. Diana would love to live with dog-savvy adult humans and a small dog friend who will understand that she is a quirky girl with lots of love to give if they are patient with her. Once she is comfortable, you will get to see her super silly side!

All dogs will go through a transition period after finding a new home and may need a “refresher course” in house-breaking.

Finding Shelter Animal Rescue
PO Box 723 Southeastern, PA 19399
PA Kennel License #13419

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