Project Description


Breed: Chihuahua Mix
Gender: Male
Approximate DOB: 1/1/2016
Weight (Potential): 7 (10)
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Cost to Adopt: $300

Hi! My name is Popcorn and for the first time I am in a place where I feel wanted. I won’t talk about where I used to live, that is all behind me and I am going to keep that secret. But someone found me in the woods and the people who found me gave me to someone else who gave me to my Finding Shelter foster.

The first, few days I was confused and scared and just didn’t know what to do. I was so used to being unwanted and thrown away, how could I trust anyone again? Well, I’m glad I gave these people a try. They feed me good food, they have dogs who will play with me and they are patient.

My foster mom is an awesome dog trainer and she knew just what to do to help me adjust and will help my new family and tell them everything about me! Like how I like to stretch out in front of a heater on cold days and how I like toys and how I LOVE to play.

If you are an awesome adult who wants a fun and spunky little girl, maybe I am the perfect companion for you. I am excited to be wanted forever and loved like never before.

Popcorn is very sweet and playful!

Popcorn has no known health issues!

Popcorn is good with playful dogs!

He hasn’t been around any cats while with Finding Shelter, so we’re not yet sure how he’d react.

Popcorn is not recommended for a house with children.

A secure, physical fence is required for Popcorn.

Popcorn will require basic obedience training. He is both crate trained and housebroken.*

*All dogs will go through a transition period after finding a new home and may need a “refresher course” in house-breaking.