Breed: Mixed breed
Gender: Female
Approximate DOB: 3/19/2019
Size: Small
Weight (Potential):  6 (10)
Color: Cream
Health: No known health issues
Shedding: Low to none (still has puppy coat)
Grooming Needs: High
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: Yes
Good with Children: Yes
Cost to adopt: $300

A puppy who is always bouncing and smiling and playing happily is a girl called Maple! Born in a Lancaster County, PA puppy mill, Maple clung to life the day she was voluntarily surrendered by the puppy mill producer to Finding Shelter. Once her blood sugar was regulated and she was regularly getting good nutrition, she began to thrive.

Maple is a funny, curious, mischievous, playful and energetic puppy. She LOVES other dogs and would do best in a home with other playful dogs her size. A fenced yard would make her so happy so she can run and play at full speed and not get lost since she has a mind of her own! Maple loves toys and cozy beds and is working hard on learning how to only potty outside. She is a work in progress and her perfect match is out there to be patient and take her to training classes so she can be the superstar she was born to be!*

*All dogs will go through a transition period after finding a new home and may need a “refresher course” in house-breaking.

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