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Breed: Toy poodle
Gender: Female
Approximate DOB: 7/2022
Size: Small
Weight (Potential):  4 (5)
Color: Red and white
Health: Possible hydrocephalus but is not symptomatic
Shedding: Low
Grooming Needs: High
Spayed/Neutered: Scheduled 3/2024
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: Unknown
Good with Children: Yes
Appropriate for city living: Undetermined
Cost to adopt: $300

Secure physical fence attached to the home preferred. Adopters must live within 30 miles of King of Prussia, PA.

In January 2024, our volunteers went to pick up some dogs being released from a Lancaster County, PA breeding farm. As we were about to leave, a tiny, matted poodle was put into the van as an “extra” because the woman “had too many dogs.” She told us that her name was Bunny and that she was a year and a half old and only had one litter of puppies.

Bunny was bouncy, happy, and friendly from the start and settled in after a few weeks of medical quarantine for giardia. After she was groomed, she looked like a totally new dog and could not only see what was physically in front of her but also could see the new possibilities ahead of her. She was cuddly and discovered toys. Bunny was easily settling into the life of a house dog!

Bunny had ear infections treated and was ready for spay but during her pre-surgery exam, the doctor discovered that she had a bit of a domed head, an open fontanel and her eyes would kind of drift to the side a bit. Her spay was postponed and an appointment was booked with the neurologist. A brief ultrasound of her open fontanel showed some enlarged ventricles which could indicate very mild hydrocephalus but that cannot be 100% confirmed without an MRI which is not needed at this time because Bunny’s behavior is completely appropriate for a dog her age and she is showing ZERO signs of neurologic problems.

Bunny would love a home with another playful dog and people who have lots of love to give! She is completely crate trained and almost housebroken. She is a terrific girl! *

*All dogs will go through a transition period after finding a new home and may need a “refresher course” in house-breaking.

Finding Shelter Animal Rescue
PO Box 723 Southeastern, PA 19399
PA Kennel License #13419

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