Breed: German Shepherd
Gender: Female
Approximate DOB: 11/26/2019
Size: Large
Weight (Potential):  50 (55)
Color: Black/tan
Health: Sub-aortic stenosis
Shedding: Moderate/Low
Grooming Needs: Low
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: Unknown
Good with Children: Not recommended with children
Appropriate for city living: No
Cost to adopt: $300

A secure, physical fence is required. Adopters must live within 30 miles of King of Prussia, PA.

Asha is a true survivor in every way. She was born in a filthy and horrible Pennsylvania puppy mill. When she did not qualify medically for a health certificate to be sold because of a severe heart murmur at just 8 weeks old, the puppy mill operator held on to her for another couple of months to see if she would grow out of it and considered using her for breeding purposes. He ultimately decided to release her to Finding Shelter and she was diagnosed with a serious heart condition called sub aortic stenosis. Asha’s litter was severely under socialized but with the help of her foster family, she has made progress meeting strangers. Asha needs a very special and experienced home who can handle her progressing heart condition (she takes daily medications and will need them for the remainder of her life) and be patient with her as she is nervous meeting new people. Asha loves toys, she loves to cuddle on the couch and would like to be high energy but her activity needs to be controlled because of her heart. She would do well as an only dog so she wouldn’t try to engage in high activity play. Asha is a wonderful girl with so much love to give and is extremely smart. She just needs to find her perfect match!

*All dogs will go through a transition period after finding a new home and may need a “refresher course” in house-breaking.

Finding Shelter Animal Rescue
PO Box 723 Southeastern, PA 19399
PA Kennel License #13419

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