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Adoption Application

Name of animal (or breed preference)

Personal Contact Information
Please provide the names and dates of birth of all adults in the household
Adult Applicant One
Adult Applicant Two
First Name:
First Name:
Last Name:
Last Name:
Date of birth: Date of birth:
Applicant must be within a 30 mile radius of King of Prussia, PA
Street Address:
City, State, Zip:
Home phone:
Work phone:
Cell phone:
How did you hear about Finding Shelter?

Home Information
1. Do you: Own Rent Live with family Other
If other, explain:
2. Is it a: House Apartment Condominium Townhome Mobile HomeFarmOther
If other, explain:
3. If you rent, please provide the name and telephone number of your landlord
Landlord's Name: Landlord's phone number:
4a. How many adults live in your home? 4b. How many children live in your home?
5. What are the ages of the children?
6. Do your children have any fear of dogs or cats?
7. Do you have other children who visit you?
If yes, how often do they visit?
8. Is this the first pet you will own as an adult?
9. Do you or any member of your family have allergies?
If yes, please explain:
10. Did you have pets in your family while growing up?
If yes, what type?
11. Is your yard fenced?
If yes, what type of fence is it? Solid Wood Chain Link Post and Rail Other
If other, please explain:
How tall is the fence? :    
If no, do you have plans to fence in your yard?
If electric, was it professionally installed?
12. Do you have a dog door?
Are your pets permitted to use the dog door when you are not at home?
13. Do all members of your family want to adopt a pet?
If no, who is not in favor and why?

Current Pet Information
14. Please list all of your current pets:
Pet Name
Type of animal (e.g. dog, cat, etc.)
Yrs Owned
Where is the pet kept?
Spayed/ Neutered?
15. What is/are your current pet(s) personality around other animals?
16. Have you previously adopted from us or any other agency/shelter?
If yes, from where?
17. Have you ever given away or returned a pet/animal for any reason?
If yes, why?
18. How long will the pet be left alone during the day?
19. Where is your pet kept when you go on vacation?
20. If you currently have any cats, are they declawed?
21.If you currently have any cats, do they have access to the outside?
22. Why do you want a pet?House Pet Guard/Watch Gift Companion for Child Companion for PetOther
If other, explain:

Past Pet Information
23. Please list the pets you have owned in the past 10 years
Pet Name
Type of animal (e.g., dog, cat)
Yrs Owned
Spayed/ Neutered?
What happened to the pet?

Veterinarian Information
24. Please give us your current veterinarian and clinic information
Vet's Name
Street Address
City, State, Zip
Are your pets listed under your name?
If not, whose name are they listed under?
26. Please list past veterinarian information below (name, clinic, address, phone):

Personal References
Please note that your personal references should not include your veterinarian, a family member or anyone living in your household.
City, State, Zip
City, State, Zip

I understand the responsibilities that I am assuming by adopting this animal. I know that there may be unforeseen circumstances and expenses with the introduction of a new pet in my household.

I hereby give Finding Shelter my permission to contact my landlord, veterinarian and personal references to verify any of the information supplied in this application. I also agree to a "progress check" in the future, where a Finding Shelter representative may visit my home to verify my new pet's living conditions.

I understand that Finding Shelter is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and donations made to Finding Shelter ARE tax-deductible and adoption donations contribute towards the previous care of the adopted animal.

All medical expenses related to this animal will be my responsibility from the time of adoption. Finding Shelter will not reimburse veterinary medical expenses for the animal.

By signing the following agreement, I acknowledge that I understand everything I have read in this application and I have answered all of the questions truthfully. I further understand that Finding Shelter is considered the guardian of the animal in question and has the right, in its sole discretion, not to approve this application.

Adoption Agreement

1. This animal is being adopted with the understanding and intention of a lifetime commitment to its well-being.
2. This animal will not be abandoned, given away, sold, exchanged or relinquished to any other society, or person, or disposed of in any way, but must be returned to Finding Shelter if no longer wanted.
3. This animal will be kept as a pet and proper care will be provided for it, to include: warm, dry shelter, proper food and humane treatment, at all times.
4. This animal will receive required yearly inoculations and medical care will be provided at once by the adoptee if the animal is sick or injured.
5. This animal adopted from Finding Shelter will be spayed/neutered prior to adoption, but all other animals in the home should be altered and not used for breeding purposes.
6. This animal (if a dog) shall be licensed and wear a collar with license, rabies, and identification tags attached, and if said animal is lost every effort will be made to recover him by notifying Finding Shelter, the police, the animal warden, the SPCA, and other local authorities.
7. This animal if a cat:
• Shall be exclusively an indoor cat.
• Shall not be declawed.
8. This animal if a dog:
• Shall be a house dog, not a yard dog.
• Shall not be surgically altered not to bark; ears and tail will not be cropped for cosmetic purposes.
9. You will telephone Finding Shelter immediately if said animal is lost, stolen, or dead and will notify Finding Shelter of any change of address.
10. This animal, its home and quarters, can be inspected at any reasonable time, before or after adoption, by a member of Finding Shelter and, if in the discretion of the member, the said animal is not properly treated or cared for, said member has the right to remove same and to void the adoption.
11. This animal may not be used for laboratory or breeding purposes.
12. No claim, action or suit, either in law or in equity, will be brought against Finding Shelter or its agents/officers by reason of this adoption.
13. The information given to Finding Shelter and endorsed hereon is accurate.

I have read and completely understand the above adoption agreement and agree to the conditions.
Signature of prospective adopter (entering your name here assumes an official signature):

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