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SproutFinding Shelter is an all-volunteer animal rescue organization dedicated to saving the lives of homeless animals.

Finding Shelter was inspired by Sprout, a little, blind chihuahua who was found as a stray and was in great need of rescue. Founders Grace and Steve Herbert knew they had to do something to help the 3 pound dog who was found on the side of the road and taken to a county shelter. They took him in as a foster with plans to get to a point where he could find a forever family. But Sprout was very underweight, afraid and sick. After an initial visit to the vet, it seemed that Sprout's future was looking grim. He had a gran mal seizure and it was suggested that Sprout be euthanized as he was expected to live only two weeks. In their hearts, Grace and Steve knew that the little dog with a healthy appetite had lots of fight in him. He needed a chance and they decided to give him one. So they started hospice care for Sprout and a miracle began to unfold. Sprout began to gain weight, learn commands, walk on a leash and even play. His personality began to shape and the smallest of milestones like drinking out of a water bowl, wagging his tail and playing with another family dog were celebrated. Sprout was adopted by Grace and Steve and had far surpassed the two weeks that he was expected to live.

Grace and Steve were no strangers to animal rescue. Previously, Grace was the Executive Director of another no-kill animal shelter and all of their pets came from shelters or rescues. It seemed only fitting that the Herberts begin an animal rescue as a no-kill, safe haven for adoptable pets like Sprout who just needed a chance.

On February 1, 2012, Sprout lost his battle with hydrocephalus. He was and will continue to be our inspiration and we will continue to honor and celebrate his life.

Finding Shelter provides the most loving care for the animals who need their help finding a permanent home. It is an organization based on love and respect for animals, supported by an incredible group of volunteers who work together to give these animals a quality life and the best chance for adoption.

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